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Trafficators 16th April 2014
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We can also service/repair LUCAS Trafficators, send yours to us for a free quote.

Lucas type 12v trafficator bulbs 2.25 each (6mm x 36mm)
Lucas type 6v trafficator bulbs 3.50 each
Tex type 6v 12v trafficator bulbs 7.50 each. Very limited stock of Tex type.

The following trafficators are available exchange or for outright purchase


SF80 6volt 95.00 exchange.--- 145.00 no exchange.
SF80 12volt 75.00 exchange.--- 125.00 no exchange.
SF40 12volt 75.00 exchange.--- 117.50 no exchange.
SF40 6volt 95.00 exchange only
SF34N 12volt 95.00 exchange only
SF34N 6volt P.O.A. exchange only
SF35J 12volt 8-1/4" Lens, 125.00each or 225.00 a pair exchange only
SF35J 6volt P.O.A. exchange only
All exchange units should be complete.

Trafficators #01
SF80 Amber lenses 9.50 each (reproduction)
Original LUCAS SF80 Amber Lenses 27.50 each, WHEN AVAILABLE.
SF80 Chrome Tops 9.50 each (reproduction)

12volt bulbs for Lucas trafficators 2.50 each
6volt bulbs for Lucas trafficators 1.75 each

This is a 'Before and After' sample

The first picture shows a pair of Trafficators I have recently had in for 'Repair'
Trafficators #02

This is how they looked 'After' I had repaired them.
Trafficators #03

Send yours in to see if we can do the same for your Trafficators.

More Pictures of Trafficators after repair

A Single SE62 with the 8-1/4" arm.
Top Left A pair of pre war SF34's.
Top Right a pair of SF40 6Volt.
Trafficators #04
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